Monday, August 31, 2015

All about me

Hi  my  name  is  trystan. I  like to  play with  the goats  and  I  went  to  get  two  new  goat's  with  my  family  and got
Them  and we  named  them  biasil  and   decland. and   every day  I  get  up  and  me  and  my mom  and  my  brothers
Feed everyone  and water  everyone.  our  boy  goat  has  started   his  blaaaa  stuff.  my  sister  milk's  the goat every day and afternoon.
My mom  makes  goatcheeseveryweek and   my momand dad do not by  cow's unlles milk   its  for  wic.  we  eat healthy  and
We ollso don't  buy  noodles  unless  it's a special  occasion.

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